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I want to thank you very much for taking such quick action when I needed help rehoming the Somali I got from you because of our change in circumstances. I have found a close family member who is going to take her for a while in hopes that I will take her back. I will contact you if anything changes. You are a terrific person and a credible breeder.

Ilyq - 2014

"My son and I have received male ruddy Somali kitten in Albany on 03/30/14. Kitten was born on 12/13/13. We named him Sunny. Sunny is very good cat, friendly, playful. He is grown up now, although he still 7.5 months old kitten. Thank you for such a nice cat!" - Ilyq


Thought you might like a couple of pictures of how she is settling in here, which is like she has lived her forever.  She is quite the snuggler and I find her around me quite frequently whenever I am sitting down.  She doesn't brave the bedroom at night yet, but she has staked out the new bed I bought for her and has taken to playing on the smaller sized cat tree I have with great abandon.  And she already has a couple of favourite toys, one of which she was throwing around and stalking for a good two hours by Sunday afternoon.  I couldn't be happier with her!


He has turned out to be a stunning boy❗️😻


He's going to be a big cat. He 6 pounds at 5 months last week. Not fat either. Vet said he really healthy and very good looking! 


Another picture of our wonderful Cosmo-do typical of exploring everything.


Thought you might want to see what beauties these guys have become.

Kara & Johann - 2018

He's a wonderful cat! Very sweet and loving, fit right into our home right away.


"He is very playful and wants to be with us at all times constantly purring and wanting to be touched. He is eating and drinking very well and is using his litter box like a pro. Overall we are enjoying him and hope he will continue to settle in our home to give us a chance to introduce him to the dog next week. We call him Aptidoon or Apti for short.


"Thank you for the wonderful addition to our home. I am sure he will give us many years of joy as he matures into a wonderful cat and hope we can provide him a healthy, happy and safe environment in return."


"Cosmo is settling in well-- we love his playfulness and affectionate nature. He is growing like a weed, more beautiful every day--what a tail! Thank you for breeding such a treasure. We will be back for our next Somali."

Warm Regards,


He is doing extremely well. Love love love him❤️🐾down the road I would like another!




Hope you received the pictures of Henry. I sent over the weekend

He is so beautiful and perfect  in every way !!! A purring machine


He is amazing, Karen — our little Wonder Cat! He follows me everywhere, and is always curious and wanting to be a part of everything. This includes tasting everything we eat (his favorite is chicken, of course — I’m certain he actually understands the word ‘chicken’). He has bonded beyond any of our expectations with our 80 -pound Akita, Junichi, and whenever Junichi goes to the door to bark at strangers, Aptidoon stands right next to him and growls. They also spend time grooming each other, which I really hope to get a picture of, one of these days. 


He is basically everything a little Somali cat should be. And so expressive, in every way. His expression here is pretty clearly: 'WHAT???!!? How do you mean,”You need to use the sink???"'


I hope that you are doing well. I just wanted to send you an updated photo of Oliver and Teddy! They get along so well.

Joanne - 2018

Good morning Karen,

Here are some pictures of Tiffany.  She is settling in just fine.  Madison is not happy with Tiffany but I'm hopeful after a few weeks of exposing them to each other they will be ok. 

She is such a luvbug and I'm enjoying her immensely. 

Hi Ladies-
I want to thank you both for helping us find little Ziggy Stardust Low.
He has integrated so quickly with our family, friends & home.
He is super curious, outgoing & loving.
We have noticed a complete change in our other cat Bodhi since we lost his best buddy Moqui. In such a short time they are best buddies. Our family is so happy!
We are so grateful, thank you,

At a show in 2008 I fell in love with an adorable blue female Abyssinian kitten, so I asked who the mother was. I was so impressed with Kiya and her kitten that I traced her to Karen Vance across the country and asked again for a kitten and finally got one, 2 1/2 years later. She is now TICA's 2011 Southeast Region Best Abyssinian Kitten and Best Abyssinian Cat!
I have enjoyed getting to know Karen Vance and the more I work with her the more I appreciate her and the thought and work she puts into her cats. I ended up getting two from her and am looking forward to working with her more in the future!

Susan Graham
Aksum Abyssinians
Atlanta, GA

As a breeder I highly recommend Karen! She is very easy to talk with and to do business with. Her kittens are just awesome! You can tell they have had lots of TLC. If you are looking for a pet kitten or a kitten to add to your breeding program I would surely recommend Karen. I feel very lucky that I found a great person and breeder. Thanks again, Karen!

Bren Hicks
Sumatra Bengals & Abyssinians

Hi Karen. I could not wait any longer and just had to tell you what joy and pleasure my little Lola has brought in to our lives. She is such a little clown! EVERYTHING is a toy to her! She is always playing with something,from the dog to the other cat to a pair of shoes. She is such a little nosey body! She is in to everything. Every one who meets her if fascinated by her beauty and her clownish personality. My vet has fallen in love her. She loves to give kisses and loves to be petted. She has a voracious sweet tooth and is often caught stealing candy and cookies. Just try to have some icecream and not offer her any! She is right on your lap swatting at the spoon! Of course bed time for us is when she is at her most playful,jumping on the bed,hiding under the covers and attacking anything that moves. Sme times we get to bed at 10:00 but dont go to sleep untill midnight. Thanks again for making our world a happier place!


I cannot tell you how absolutely cute and adorable my little Pecan is. I absolutely love her and she has become such a part of my life. She follows me around like a dog, staying very close, lying against me when I lie down but she does not like to be picked up. Go figure. Everyone who sees her says she is the most beautiful kitten they have ever seen but I think her wonderful personality is even more special than her gorgeous looks. She is soooooooooo smart and she just loves everything. She seems to fear nothing. My vet had nothing but major compliments for you as a  breeder. He told me often cats that come from breeders have something that needs  to be treated but he was very impressed that Pecan's tests all came back totally negative for everything he tested. He told me I should get my next cat from you too!

Robert P. 

I highly recommend Kahali Cattery, for multiple reasons. When the opportunity is right for me, I will purchase a second kitten from her as well, in the near future. The kitten I purchased was exactly as described to me, loving, affectionate, playful, etc. I get stopped on the street, when I have "Kimchi" in her carrier, by passerby's who absolutely fall in love with her beauty and her personality. She is the perfect kitten and angel. She has the most perfect colorings, size, temperment and health. I live 12 hours away from Kahali, and yet they hand drove down my baby to me for a small fee. Karen was helpful throughout the entire process, from when I was shopping breeders until now after I have already been given my kitten."

Best regards, 

"My husband and I are ever so grateful to you for providing us with THE perfect kitten. Coco was a positive addition to our home from the moment she arrived. She is gorgeous, agile, bright, interested, smart, aware, and affectionate. Coco is not fearful, not even of a loud vacuum cleaner! She trusts strangers; observes them for a while, then closes in with head butts, requesting attention (which she always gets!). Everyone loves Coco. If she hears the doorbell, she runs to see who it is, but sits a safe distance away. She does not try to slip outside - just an amazing cat! Coco comes when called, no matter how comfortably tucked away in a a corner of a closet or wherever she may be. Lastly, to indicate how thoughtful you are with your kittens – when you drove her from upstate to the NYC area, you drove her together with her litter mates, just to accompany her on the trip, so she would not feel alone or anxious. We have had one or two cats our entire lives, and Coco is outstanding! She has totally and instantly won us over." - Martina

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